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MessageSujet: EDENBRIDGE New Album    Lun 7 Jan - 17:34

EDENBRIDGE To Begin Mixing New Album Tomorrow

Austria-based female-fronted symphonic metallers EDENBRIDGE will start
mixing their eighth studio album, The Bonding, tomorrow (January 8th),
with Karl Groom (THRESHOLD) at Thin Ice Studios in Surrey, England.

A recent update from the band states: "The Bonding is the connection
of the baby to the mother right after the birth, as well as the
connection to the bigger whole in the major sense. The change of times
2012 is nothing else than a new starting cycle, in which our memory of
the bonding will increasingly appear. To this degree, that we will trust
in our inner force and dare into life, though it might be full of

We owe our mind enormous awareness and achievements, but is not able
to open our hearts; it´s just able to prevent it due to the fear of all
sorts of things. But we ourselves decide, what we think, when it is
useful to make up our minds and when it is time to let our thoughts
leave and go into our hearts. Then The Bonding can happen again!"

Edenbridge recently announced that the Klangvereinigung Vienna
orchestra, featuring with conductor Gerald Mair, have recorded the
orchestra parts for The Bonding at Home Music Studio (Vienna) with Georg

Edenbridge guitarist Lanvall stated: "The result is overwhelming. We
have decided to record strings, brass/woodwinds and percussion
seperately this time. Everything sounds more voluminous and cleaner. The
musicians of the orchestra did a tremendous job. Be prepared for a real
blast !"

Edenbridge previously confirmed that Max Pointner has finished drum
recordings for the new album, at Sunprojects Studio (Austria).

Guitarist Lanvall stated: "Max's new Tama drum kit sounds absolutely
awesome and I think we were able to bring this great sound to tape."

will perform in Argentina on March 1st, 2013. This is the
band's first show ever in South America. The show in Buenos Aires takes
place at Teatro Flores.
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Messages : 5254
Date d'inscription : 20/05/2012
Localisation : saint céré

MessageSujet: Re: EDENBRIDGE New Album    Ven 22 Fév - 11:27


Austrian Symphonic Metal Band Edenbridge signed a new worldwide deal with German based company SPV / Steamhammer. Bandleader and composer Lanvall comments: "We
are extremely happy and proud to be part of the SPV family. After
several months of meetings we feel that the title of our new album "The Bonding"
fits perfectly into our new home. Our fans should expect a new album
filled with emotional and powerful music and a mystical artwork which
will form a unity with the message of the album."

A&R Steamhammer Olly Hahn adds: "Edenbridge were always a
band way ahead and I´m happy that they decided to join the SPV family.
Together we will create some exciting things for the new album which
will present the band in a light which they deserve!"

The new album "The Bonding" will be
released on June 21st in Germany, June 24th in Europe and in the
US/Canada on July 2nd. It will be available as a limited edition ecol
book with a bonus CD and some exciting extras, double gatefold colored
vinyl with printed inner sleeves, jewel case version and download.
For more information: /
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Date d'inscription : 20/05/2012
Localisation : saint céré

MessageSujet: Re: EDENBRIDGE New Album    Mar 23 Avr - 16:29

EDENBRIDGE - The Bonding Artwork, Tracklisting Revealed

Austria-based female-fronted symphonic metallers EDENBRIDGE will
release their new album, The Bonding, on June 21st in Germany, June 24th
in Europe and in the US/Canada on July 2nd as limited edition ecol book
with a different cover incl. bonus CD, double coloured LP, standard
version and download via SPV/Steamhammer.

The standard album artwork can be seen below:

The Bonding tracklisting:

'Mystic River'

'Alight A New Tomorrow'

'Star-Crossed Dreamer'

'The Invisible Force'

'Into A Sea Of Souls'

'Far Out Of Reach'

'Shadows Of My Memory'

'Death Is Not The End'

'The Bonding'

Alternative album artwork:

It’s now more than a decade since Edenbridge first created a stir
with the launch of their debut Sunrise In Eden back in 2000. What
presented itself as a young but already immensely talented band has
evolved into one of the genre’s most independent acts. Their latest
album The Bonding sees the group from Austria underline their
exceptional status in melodic metal and puts an end to their creative
hiatus of almost three difficult years.

“We had to come to terms with a number of personal setbacks, which
is why the production of the album took longer than originally
scheduled,” explains guitarist and main songwriter Lanvall, who among
other things suffered the loss of his father due to suicide. In
addition, Edenbridge underwent an unexpected line-up change: bassist
Simon Holzknecht had to be replaced by Wolfgang Rothbauer (DISBELIEF,

Yet the band’s great compositional qualities, the amazing voice of
singer Sabine Edelsbacher and Edenbridge’s unconditional determination
to not only validate, but to surpass the undisputable strengths of each
predecessor album are omnipresent.

“The initial ideas were developed as early as 2010, immediately
after the release of Solitaire, but due to our private trials and
tribulations it took us until autumn 2012 to conclude the recordings for
our new album,” Lanvall looks back at taxing months marked by one
ambitious goal: to complement the new album by a real orchestra in order
to support the material’s symphonic direction. “Our style has always
had an unmistakably symphonic quality,” says Lanvall, “so the only
question was: how do we finance a big orchestra?”

At this point, outside help arrived, in the form of support from
fans and sponsors. Thanks to a major joint effort, the band succeeded in
bringing to the studio the Klangvereinigung Orchestra of Vienna under
the direction of Georg Luksch to cap the atmospheric and at the same
time dynamic songs on The Bonding.

Lanvall: “When it had been confirmed that the Klangvereinigung
Orchestra would come to the studio, I concentrated on writing scores for
our songs, so we were able to integrate these additional elements more
concisely than ever before. Of course it would be a mistake to drown our
songs, which also feature guitar riffs, choirs and rhythmic details, in
orchestra sounds. It was all about positioning the orchestra in a way
that would create an additional dynamic level. I think we’ve succeeded
in doing just that on The Bonding.”

Another outstanding feature is Sabine Edelsbacher’s voice, whose
warm, pleasantly melancholy timbre refines every Edenbridge track. “I’ve
worked very hard on my voice in recent years to intensify not only
expression and power, but also clarity and nuances,” she explains. “It’s
very important for me to devote myself totally to my music, to be able
to immerse myself 100% in every song.”

Which is probably one of the reasons why The Bonding has turned into
the band’s most haunting and ambitioned album so far, including truly
impressive numbers such as ‘Mystic River’, ‘Alight A New Tomorrow’,
‘Shadows Of My Memory’ and – more or less as the grand finale – the
15-minute title track, a memorable duet by Sabine Edelsbacher and Erik
Martensson (WET, ECLIPSE).

Lanvall: “This song is the culmination of the album’s general theme,
which is about universal energy, about birth and growth, about memories
and reflection.” In line with this, Edenbridge also present two
different sets of cover artwork for the Digipak and jewel case editions,
both related but unique in terms of their design. In other words:
orchestra, renowned guest vocalists and fascinating themes included, The
Bonding is an exceptional release in every respect and a real

Watch an album trailer below:

Edenbridge - The Bonding - First Trailer

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Messages : 5254
Date d'inscription : 20/05/2012
Localisation : saint céré

MessageSujet: Re: EDENBRIDGE New Album    Mar 23 Avr - 16:30

Edenbridge lineup:

Sabine Edelsbacher - Lead Vocals

Lanvall - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Piano, Kacapi

Max Pointner - Drums

Dominik Sebastian - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Wolfgang Rothbauer - Bass, Grunts On 'Shadows Of My Memory'

More on Edenbridge at this location.
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MessageSujet: Re: EDENBRIDGE New Album    

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