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MessageSujet: DIO DISCIPLES   Dim 11 Nov - 10:43

DIO DISCIPLES' Keyboardist Scott Warren - "I Wasn't Sure I Was Ever Going To Play A DIO Song Ever Again After He Passed"

By Matt O'Shaughnessy

With The Very Beast Of DIO Volume 2 confirming once again the
remarkable musical genius of the late RONNIE JAMES DIO, longtime Dio
keyboardist and current DIO DISCIPLES Scott Warren called in from the
band's tour bus recently with nothing but miles ahead on the road to the
next Dio Disciples event. With the mission of carrying on Ronnie James
Dio's music and legacy through their live appearances and shows, the Dio
Disciples are without question an entity that perhaps has Ronnie
himself smiling down on them with abundant approval and joy. Dio fans, some of the most rabid and loyal from
literally all over the world, can now hear another stellar selection of
Ronnie's pioneering music on the Very Beast Of Dio Volume 2. It's a
tremendous compilation of some of Ronnie James Dio's work out now on
Niji Entertainment Group. Without being naive, how important is this
release in keeping Ronnie James Dio's rich and ground-breaking legacy
going strong?

Scott Warren: "It's very important because its re-visiting a lot of
great selections that Ronnie had done that may have been over looked
from albums that came out through the 1990's. I think it's a good
tribute to what may have been over looked and it's a great record." In 2010, the hard rock world lost one of the
quintessential vocalists of all time. As someone who knew Ronnie well
and played in his band; what can you tell us about the rock legend that
we may not know about his life?

Scott Warren: "He was really outgoing with his fans and with people
and that is what a lot of the fans saw. That he took very seriously; he
loved his fans. I thought it was remarkable how much he would use his
voice when it came time to meeting people throughout the day which
singer's don't usually like to do. He was a very generous, big-hearted
man and had such an aura about him - you just knew he meant business." You issued a very touching and eloquent statement on
Ronnie's passing: "He was my surrogate Father, my brother, my friend,
my teacher and my loyal advocate...our fearless leader. I have been
blessed by his presence and his voice."

Scott Warren: "He meant so many things to say many people; whether
it was the guy on stage or the guy offstage. He was just such an
important entity. And so those are some of the things that he meant to
me personally." Dio Disciples are currently on tour now with more dates being added.

Scott Warren: "It's a good show so don't miss it! I think this time
around we've been able to add a couple of new surprises from Ronnie's
legacy and the Very Beast Of Dio Volume 2 is what sort of enabled us to
do that now so there's some special moments in our show and of course
the fans that we encounter are special too. It's an event, more
than just a show, because of the bond we all had with Ronnie James Dio.
And to his fans." What does the Dio Disciples set-list look like on this tour?

Scott Warren: "We're doing a lot of the staples that people expect
to hear. With The Very Beast Of Dio Volume 2 out that is a hint. There's
some tracks on there that were never done live, even by Ronnie. So we
are trying to give that back." Ronnie James Dio was so many things to so many
people; he was an innovator, a creator, pioneer and monumental
musician. What more would you like to tell us about him?

Scott Warren: " He was a sports fanatic and really into that. More
importantly, he was a really kind and generous person and he enjoyed
every chance he got to talk with one of his fans and anybody he
encountered. He would spend time with people and really get to know
them. I found that remarkable for someone who had such a busy schedule
and such demanding work load. He just carried himself with such power. I
would say, 'This guy is a giant'. He was very friendly." More on The Very Beast Of Dio Volume 2. From your
vantage point, what else can you tell us about this record in Ronnie's

Scott Warren: "There's some tracks that may have been over looked
here I think as I mentioned earlier. One song that is special to me, of
course, is 'This is your life' because in my heart that sort of became
my anthem for Ronnie and his life. And also because that song was such
an unusual thing because we did it with just a piano. It turned out so
beautifully. That was unusual for his legacy for all the work that he
had done which was all basically metal; but of course he had such a
versatile voice - he could sing Frank Sinatra if he wanted to. So, 'This
is your life' is one song where he didn't just jump in and crash
in with guitars. It's a very special song. And then there is 'As long as
it's not about love' which I am glad to see on this album." Certainly Dio Disciples' mission is to keep the Dio flag raising high and pay tribute to him.

Scott Warren: "I wasn't sure I was ever going to play a Dio song
ever again after he passed. I thought how are we going to even consider
playing his music without him. But then after some real soul searching
we started, I think, unanimously to get the inspiration that what would
Ronnie have wanted... and that would be for us to continue on with his
music and more or less heal us and all the fans out there that just got
cut off so abruptly with his passing. He was a fighter, he wanted to
charge on. We feel we need to charge on for him and embrace the wounds
that his fans feel and the sounds of his music and keep his legacy

For more Dio Disciples details and tour dates visit Facebook.
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MessageSujet: Re: DIO DISCIPLES   Dim 11 Nov - 10:48

DIO DISCIPLESCraig Goldy – “I See People Singing To The Sky With
Tears In Their Eyes And Filled With Unexplained Emotions That Can Only
Be A Direct Result Of Missing Ronnie And Seeing, Hearing And
Experiencing His Music Again”

DIO DISCIPLES’ guitarist Craig Goldy has posted the following update via the band’s Facebook page, regarding their show tonight. At Harpo’s in Detroit, MI:

“We (Dio Disciples) in order to honor and keep the memory and legacy of Ronnie James Dio alive are touring the US.

We are in Detroit MI at Harpos tonight and hope that any of you that can... will come experience this!

Like I’ve said before… it is an experience! There is something
special that happens when a group of people gather together with the
same heart, mind and spirit as one another... and that is what happens
every night we perform! I never know when... but I know that it will
happen because it always does... sometime during the concert, the
audience and the band connect and become as one!

I see people singing to the sky with tears in their eyes and filled
with unexplained emotions that can only be a direct result of missing
Ronnie and seeing, hearing and experiencing his music again… with the
large speaker system, lights and special performances by the Dio band
that was left behind and also (in his own words) his favorite to write
and perform with! We are now made up of also past members of AC/DC,
JUDAS PRIEST, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and LYNCH MOB. You don't want to rely on
all the crappy little cell phone recordings that look and sound like
shit posted on YouTube.”

Upcoming tour dates are as follows:


13 - Portland, ME - Asylum

15 - Sayerville, NJ – Starland

16 - Pawtucket, RI - The Met

17 - Amityville, NJ - Revolution

18 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance

20 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock

Check out the interview BW&BK scribe Kelley Simms did with Dio Disciples drummer Simon Wright at this location.

Dio Disciples are:

Tim "Ripper" Owens (JUDAS PRIEST) - vocals

Oni Logan (LYNCH MOB) - vocals

Craig Goldy (DIO) - guitar

Bjorn Englen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) - bass

Scott Warren (DIO,HEAVEN & HELL) - keyboards

Simon Wright (DIO, AC/DC, UFO) - drums
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MessageSujet: Re: DIO DISCIPLES   Sam 16 Mar - 20:33

DIO DISCIPLES' Craig Goldy - "There Is Going To Be Some Original Material Coming Out And I Have A Song About Ronnie's Passing"

Dave Reffett from Guitar World spoke with DIO DISCIPLES guitarist Craig Goldy recently about a number of topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Guitar World:
How did the idea for the Dio's Disciples come about?

Goldy; "Ronnie was family to us, and he was family to me. When a
main family member passes away, the family members left behind often a
couple of times throughout the year, try to keep the loved one's memory
alive. Ronnie was family to the whole world, so there was a long
mourning and grieving process. During that time, there were a lot of
tributes to Ronnie, with a lot of bands coming out, doing stuff. Some of
them had good hearts and good intentions. Others had no business to do
it and were just taking advantage of it. At one point, we were talking
about it, saying, 'You know, we really should do something.' So Wendy,
Simon Wright and I sat down and talked and said, 'OK, it's time.' We
wanted to make sure it was done in the most respectful way; that's how
it all started."

Guitar World: What do you think when people are not happy about these type of tributes?

Goldy; "I understand it, because Ronnie was so revered that there
are going to be people who are apprehensive of what we’re doing. It's
really not a for-profit thing. If people think it's a for-profit thing, I
have no problem with them checking my bank account balance (laughs). I
mean, we're barely squeaking by over our expenses. It’s very expensive
to do this kind of thing. There is money involved, but money is not the
priority. The priority is to make sure Ronnie's memory is kept alive.
Even if we did nothing, he was so loved around the world that there are
people who will always remember him, but if we just left alone and did
nothing, these special moments with the band and the crowd would not
have happened. So many people have come backstage to us and said, 'That
was the greatest experience ever,' and that's what we say about this.
It’s not really a concert, it's an experience. Ronnie and his music were
so loved that it became such a huge part of people's lives. The songs
we’re playing have been a huge part of people's lives for decades. It
really means something to them."

Guitar World: What's the most important you learned from Ronnie?

Goldy; "There are so many, but a lot of it is first the music has to
feel good. The groove has to be great because a lot of guitar players
write for the riff first. The way he wrote songs was special too,
because he really toiled. The law of hit songwriting is melody first,
lyrics second. A lot of people don't do that, a lot of singers sit
around with their notebooks filled with lyrics and they try to cram
their lyrics into a song. So the two have already been sitting around
collecting dust and they try to call it an original song. That's not the
way you do it. You’ve got to start from scratch. He would really toil
because it's hard to tell a story and hit people in the heart with the
limited amount of syllables you have in a song. It’s not an easy task,
but I watched him do that and I learned from him. There is going to be
some original material coming out, and I have a song about Ronnie's
passing and how the band feels and how the fans might feel, and it's
coming out really good. When Wendy heard it, she said, 'Ronnie would be
really proud of you.'"

Read more at Guitar World.

he won't be joining the Dio Disciples on The Monsters Of Rock Cruise,
which will embark on its second voyage March 16th and sail till the
20th. Departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this cruise will visit
the private island of CocoCay, plus Nassau, Bahamas with a rockin’ bonus
day at sea.

Says Ripper: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be on the
Monsters of Rock Cruise with Dio Disciples, I am still in the band and
we will be celebrating the great RJD this summer in South America!!!"

will replace Ripper on the trek. Dio Disciples also feature singer
Oni Logan
(LYNCH MOB), guitarist Craig Goldy (DIO), bassist Bjorn
(YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), keyboardist Scott Warren (DIO, HEAVEN &
HELL) and drummer Simon Wright (DIO, AC/DC, UFO).

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MessageSujet: Re: DIO DISCIPLES   Mar 9 Juil - 16:40

DIO DISCIPLES' Craig Goldy To Guest On WVOX's Metal Mayhem This Friday

DIO DISCIPLES guitarist Craig Goldy will talk with WVOX Metal Mayhem hosts Matt O'Shaughnessy and Tony Gizzo this Friday, July 12th at 8:15 PM, EST in a special feature interview on worldwide and 1460 AM in New York.

During the broadcast, Goldy will talk candidly about the late, great RONNIE JAMES DIO legacy, the ongoing mission of the Dio Disciples to celebrate Ronnie's music, the newly issued Magica release and current Dio Disciples tour dates and more.

Metal Mayhem rocks hard every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 - 11 PM and Friday between 6 - 10 PM and can be viewed on live webcam from the main studio at
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