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MessageSujet: JACK RUSSELL t   Ven 24 Aoû - 12:10

The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays live from 9pm-3am EST at, recently conducted a no holds barred interview with Great White vocalist Jack Russell.
During the course of the interview, Russell was directly questioned
about his drug use and if the emotional effects of the Station Fire were
part of the reason he turned so heavily to drugs. He was also
questioned about the possibility of a Great White reunion, wherein he
had some scathing words for his former bandmates. Here are a few
excerpts from the interview:

The Classic Metal Show - We've always felt that maybe the reason
you fell into a harder run with partying and whatnot came after the
fire. Not necessarily for the rest of the band, but for you
specifically because you were out front and you were, more or less, the
face of the Station Fire. It's our guess, and we don't know, but was
that what...
Jack Russell - You know, I think that has a lot to do with it.
I've been through numerous counselling sessions about that. That was
put on my shoulders. At first I made comments like, "you know, I've got
big shoulders" and stuff like that, but in the end, nobody can handle
something like that. It was just tragic, many people lost
their lives. The ripple effect of can't even imagine how big
that is. Every time someone wants me to talk about the fire, I just
can't anymore because no matter what I say, I hurt somebody's feelings.
I piss somebody off. I don't say something right, or somebody doesn't
think I'm remorseful when I should be. You know, this was really,
really hard on me. I'm not saying that it wasn't hard on anybody else,
too. Certainly it was harder on most people than it was on me. Nobody
got out of that place unscarred physically or mentally or
psychologically or spiritually. It was a really horrible ordeal, and
I'm sorry it ever happened. There was nothing I could have done about
it. If there was, I would have.
The Classic Metal Show - Do you see anywhere, down the road, where this breach (with his former bandmates) could be repaired?
Jack Russell - You know what? I like to think that time heals
all wounds. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut. We all had things
to say initially, and I said, "let's just shut it down with the words
now." I was watching this video interview the other day, and they're
still going on and on and on saying stuff, like "Jack wasn't involved in
the songwriting." OK, well I have more songwriting credits than anyone
else in Great White. Then Mark (Kendall)'s saying "Oh, Jack's name
must not mean much or he wouldn't have to use "Jack's Great White"". So
I'm thinking, "why don't you go out as Mark Kendall and see and see how
great you do." Then the guy says, "since you guys own the trademark,
how come it's such a hassle with the court and everything," and they
just kind of him and hawed. I'm thinking, "guys, c'mon. You don't own
the trademark, and that's why we're going to court." Then they said
about how their publicist is doing such a great job of keeping things
from being confused with all the advertisements. There was just one
show in New Mexico where the ad had 8 pictures, and they were all of me.
So it's like, "guys, just shut up!" They're not getting anything
right, so just don't talk about Jack at all. That's all I want to say
about that, But as far as wanting to get back together again, well, if
they stop being idiots, then who knows? Every time they open their
mouths, they stick their foot in it. I'm getting tired of it. I just
want it all to go away. I want the lawyers to handle it, and the courts
to handle it, and I just want to sit in my boat.

To download the full 1/2 hour interview with Jack Russell, go to iTunes And Subscribe to their podcast at:
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