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 Artlantica new album

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MessageSujet: Artlantica new album   Dim 24 Mar - 19:58

Nouvelle signature du label SPV / Steamhammer, voici Artlantica.

John West (Rotal Hunt, Artension, Emir Hot, ...) - Chant
Roger Staffelbach (Angel of Eden, Artension, ...) - Guitares
Mistheria (Angel of Eden, Mistheria, Rob Rock, ...) - Claviers
John Macaluso (Ark, Malmsteen, TNT, Riot, Masi, HolyHell, Mastercastle, Mistheria; ...) - Batterie

Guests :
Steve Digiorgio (Artension, Ephel Duath, Sadus, Soen, Control Denied, Death, Iced Earth, Testament, ...) - Basse
Dani Löble (Helloween) - Batterie
Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, ...) - Guitares

"Across The Seven Seas" paraitra le 24mais en Allemagne, le 27 mai en Europe et le 4 juin en Amérique du nord.

Artlantica - Across The Seven Seas (2013)

01. 2012 (04:00)
02. Devout (04:36)
03. Across The Seven Seas (04:53)
04. You're Still Away (05:19)
05. Ode To My Angel (03:54)
06. Fight For The Light (04:21)
07. Demon In My Mind (04:37)
08. Return Of The Pharaoh Pt. 3 (05:43)
09. Heresy (04:49)
10. Nightmare Life (05:25)
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Messages : 5254
Date d'inscription : 20/05/2012
Localisation : saint céré

MessageSujet: Re: Artlantica new album   Lun 25 Mar - 20:41


Guitarist Roger Staffelbach says about the signing: "After all
the blood, sweat and tears we've put into making that album, we're more
than happy and excited to see our album getting released by one of
world's finest companies, SPV/Steamhammer. It's a true pleasure to work
with Olly Hahn and all at SPV and we're confident that this is only the
beginning. A big hello and thank you go out to Olly Hahn, all at SPV and
Peter Knorn from our Management (UTM) for sharing our vision and making
this happen."

A&R Steamhammer Olly Hahn ads: "What do we have here:
great melodies, awesome guitar virtuosity and a tight band which knows
how to play melodic metal how it should be. We are more than happy to
welcome Artlantica to the SPV family!"

Great vocal melodies with anthemic potential, virtuoso guitar and
keyboard passages including spectacular solos, in addition to a
blistering rhythm section which gives the songs their pace, groove and
dynamics: the very ingredients which guaranteed seven brilliant releases
in ten years from the American-Swiss cult act Artension and caused a global stir on The End Of Never, the only album by Artension's successor Angel Of Eden, also inspire listeners on Artlantica's debut album Across The Seven Seas.
Which doesn't really come as a surprise: after all, Artlantica features
three of the most important driving forces behind Angel of Eden in
guitarist Roger Staffelbach, frontman John West and keyboardist Mistheria.
In addition, Staffelbach and West (Artension, Royal Hunt) belonged to
Artension (together with Vitalij Kuprij (now Trans-Siberian Orchestra),
among others), and Mistheria has made a name for himself with his
collaborations with Bruce Dickinson and Rob Rock. All three are without a
doubt real masters of their trade who have combined their talents to
present ten brilliant new songs. Staffelbach describes the result as �powerful,
heavy occasionally majestic, grooving, melodious and timeless. Each
instrument has its place, none of them sound too dominant, everything
has only one purpose � to serve the song.�
A perfect description of Across The Seven Seas.

Across The Seven Seas is a prime example of
a diverse melodic metal album which combines compositional quality,
great technical skill and charisma. Staffelbach comments
enthusiastically about his two band colleagues: �John is a fantastic
singer, everything he does is over the top, whether live or in the
studio. An exceptionally gifted vocalist. It's in his blood to write
great melodies and turn songs into stories. Mistheria, on the other hand
is a true artist by all means. I value his skills as a musician just as
much as his gift for writing and arranging songs. We blend extremely
well, in my opinion he's one of the most accomplished keyboardists of
our time."
Not forgetting Staffelbach himself, who has contributed
countless significant impulses to his new band. His unmistakable
songwriting and guitar playing, his signature guitar sound and playing
style, his persistence and ability to get projects off the ground and
produce albums that have been and continue to be the base for the
existence of Artension and now Artlantica with their furious debut album.

Staffelbach, West and Mistheria enjoy an excellent reputation among
their colleagues and can pick and choose when it comes to selecting
their guest musicians: Across The Seven Seas features Dani L�ble (Helloween) and John Macaluso (Malmsteen, TNT, Ark) on drums, the bass parts were recorded by Bass Icon Steve DiGiorgio
(Sadus, Testament), who also worked with Artension and Angel Of Eden
previously. And last but by no means least, Artlantica succeeded in
enlisting none less than Chris Caffery of Savatage/Trans-Siberian
Orchestra as their guest guitarist. The result of this high-calibre
collaboration was mixed and mastered at Tommy Newton's (Helloween, Gamma Ray, among others) Area 51 studios, Newton also adding his extensive expertise.
So the world is eagerly awaiting a new band with its experienced members
who have never sounded this good before in this formation. As Roger
Staffelbach puts it so aptly: �Artlantica's music is gritty,
excellently produced and absolutely song-oriented. But first and
foremost this band consists of musicians who commit to themselves and
really want to go for it with this band.�
That's exactly the kind of determination that comes across on Across The Seven Seas!

Tracklisting of "Across The Seven Seas": 1.
2012 04.00 2. Devout 04:36 3. Across The Seven Seas 04:53 4. You`re
Still Away 05:19 5. Ode To My Angel 03:54 6. Fight For The Light 04:21
7. Demon In My Mind 04:37 8. Return Of The Pharaoh Pt.3 05:43 9. Heresy
04:49 10. Nightmare Life 05:25.

The debutalbum "Across The Seven Seas" will be released through SPV / Steamhammer
in Germany on May 24, in Europe on May 27 and in the US/Canada on June 4
(new) as CD and download (incl. 1 bonus track "Stormbringer").
Photo from left to right: Mistheria - keyboards / John West - vocals / John Macaluso - drums / Roger Staffelbach - guitars.
WebLinks: /

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Artlantica new album
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