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MessageSujet: IRON MAIDEN   Dim 1 Juil - 21:29

IRON MAIDEN - Eddie Rolls Sevens!

Images and words y Mark Gromen

"We're going to get this place...hotter than hell," oops, wrong
band, but right sentiment as the mercury climbed near 100 today. Risky
weather to wear all black, topped with denim and/or leather, while
downing a frosty (albeit overpriced) beverage. Other east coast tour
stops see the venerable Brits indoors (Newark, NJ) or oceanside (Jones
Beach, NY), but Friday, June 29th, the official kick-off to an elongated
Independence Day weekend, it was the unforgiving urban blacktop of
America's most dangerous city (based on murders per capita), Camden, NJ
that hosted IRON MAIDEN's Maiden England retrospective. They say you can
never go home again, but via alternating tours, Maiden has sought to
either relive past glories (as was the case this evening) or to
completely immerse fans in a new record (old hits be damned). Know which
I prefer!

The Maiden England video was originally recorded on the Seventh Son
Of A Seventh Son tour and five tunes off that disc are still in the set,
with half of the quarter-century old running order remaining
intact, although apart from the opening 'Moonchild', thankfully
jumbled around. This was no mere live playback. There's even a pair of
post- Seventh Son songs included this time around, 'Afraid To Shoot
Strangers' and 'Fear Of The Dark', both off what would be singer Bruce
Dickinson's "last" album with the band, for eight years. Could have done
with one less, in exchange for just one song off Killers (title track
was on the original format), or, if need be, in place of 'Phantom Of The
Opera', as situated between two of their biggest hits ('Number Of The
Beast' and 'Run To The Hills'), its reception was rather chilly, even on
this steamy night.

Is there anyone who doesn't know UFO's "Doctor Doctor' is the
unofficial call to arms for the show to start? Nicko McBrain strolls to
his place behind the drum kit as that song ends, the stage motif a
frozen planet, iced over images of Eddie as The Trooper and Killer
artwork emblazoned on the walls of the semi-circle that rings the stage.
The second/upper tier is solely (why?) the province of singer Bruce
Dickinson. On the main floor the trio of guitarist each knows his place,
almost as if there are definitive demarcations, forbidding Dave Murray,
Adrian Smith and Jannick Gers from crossing into the other's
"territory." Actually the mainstay Murray-Smith tandem are afforded the
most liberal space, while Gers seems content to dance alone on his side
of the (otherwise barren) stage. Of course Dickinson and founder/bassist
Steve Harris are all over the place.

In talking about past gigs, Dickinson mentions Washington, DC, the
previous tour stop, which segues into 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers', with
its almost political speech (or as close as Maiden are about to get),
"DC, where all the decisions are made. We keep trying to kill all the
bad guys, but that hasn't worked." The stage lit in aqua and purple
until the more raucous section, where the lights go orange as Gers
leads. Dickinson has lost the suit coat he began the show with,
revealing a sleeveless black tee, and there's no need for that toque he
wore throughout the last tour (at least not tonight). Speaking of the
quick change artist of a frontman, he dons the red coat outfit and
appears on the top rung, waving an oversized Union Jack for 'The
Trooper'. He runs around both sides of the horseshoe above McBrain's
head, as the electronic jumbotron screens inside the protected section
of the amphitheater and outside, on the back wall of the shed, display
the same black & white movie footage that was part of the
promotional video. Murray solos as the singer taunts Gers, with the
flag, from above.

The booming echo of a spoken intro to 'Number Of The Beast' is
nearly drowned out by the roar from the audience, as Harris and Murray
are center stage, bathed in red. Flame throwers, as many as six (six,
six) at a time shoot skyward from the upper platform. Harris is a blur
of activity, charging across the stage like it's 25 years ago, as Gers
puts his leg up on the side monitor for the first time. At its
conclusion, Dickinson takes a seat on the front monitors, basking in the
ovation. Next is the rather static delivered 'Phantom', although once
the initial verse is over, they begin to move, as the colors change from
purple to green to blue. Bruce leaves the stage as the trio of guitars
takes over, Gers pogoing in place, while the bassist stands towards the
back. Like a metallic Nuremberg rally, the crowd's sea of hands overhead
greets a pink and purple lit 'Run To The Hills'. As the song breaks
into its gallop, Dickinson is once more upstairs, as a spotlight hits
the crowd, come the chorus. Eight sparklers shoot upwards as the giant
Eddie comes onstage, decked out in a General Custer theme.

During 'Wasted Years', I wondered if the lively Dickinson would
(foolishly) attempt to jump from the upper tier to the main floor. Years
ago he probably would have, but he seemed so spry this evening, the
thought did occur and then, as if on cue, he bounded from the heights,
to Nicko's riser and down, like a man half his age, nor someone worried
about the insurance or future monetary concerns of an injury! "Scream
for me Philadelphia' works, as a montage of less focused green lights
pelts the stage. From the lawn, an adjoining display of July 4th
fireworks are partially visible, but nothing like the human incendiaries
onstage. Couldn't possibly been cold (especially after running around
for an hour), but Dickison put on a long coat for 'Seven Son Of A
Seventh Son', the high collared leather could have been in the movie
Dune. A fiery eyed, Buddah-looking Eddie structure now stood center
stage, a flame thrower either side of the idol.

Know many fans enjoy the song, but this overly long piece sapped the
energy, which 'The Clairvoyant' follow-up did nothing to rectify. It
was the closest we got to all four stringed musicians being in the same
place simultaneously, center stage under blue lights. 'Fear Of The Dark'
sees vintage Bruce, frantically rumbling, bumbling around. For once,
Gers ventures to the center. A virtual sing-along, start to finish,
'Iron Maiden' finishes the proper set.

Bit of a quirky encore, although no one can fault the
heretofore absent 'Aces High', complete with smoke explosions and
rousing Churchill opening (prior to band re-emerging in a burst of
energy). Dickinson returns to his overhead perch, careful to avoid the
flaming torches shooting off around him. Know it's part of the Seventh
Son motif, but think you'd have to go pretty far down the poll of great
Maiden tunes to find 'The Evil That Men Do', particualrly in lieu of
some more favorable material. Much like their signature track, 'Running
Free', also from the epynomous debut album, was helped along by
thousands of voices. Drenched in sweat, Dickinson skipped around the
white lit stage, swinging his arms, as he sang the rather simplistic
finale. He referenced the heat, even wringing out his shirt a couple of
times before needlessly indroducing the members of the band, during a
succession of choruses. Not sure how the next tour (undoubtedly to plug a
forthcoming album) will be, but few can compete with a live,
hits-filled Maiden show.

More photos can be seen here.
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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Lun 13 Aoû - 21:03

IRON MAIDEN - Nashville Predators Goaltender Unveils New Powerslave-Inspired Mask

According to Nashville Predators backup goaltender Chris Mason has unveiled his new mask courtesy of Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir. describes the new NHL equipment:

"After making the move physically to Nashville over the weekend,
Mason is set to debut another amazing mask from EyeCandyAir, and just
like his first Jets mask, it borrows from one of his favourite bands by
using an Iron Maiden Eddie.

In fact, the Eddie in question is from the Egyptian-themed cover
of the band's Powerslave album, which also produced the single Aces
High and corresponding Eddie included on last year's mask. It's a theme
that works perfectly because the album covers were created originally by
artist Derek Riggs, who has inspired the mask's artist, Steve Nash,
throughout his own career.

(Photo courtesy of InGoal Magazine)
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Date d'inscription : 20/05/2012
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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Ven 1 Fév - 18:16

Steve Harris sera au TRABENDO à Paris le 24 Mars 2013

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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Ven 1 Fév - 18:18

C'est Ryan Adams qui reprend Wasted Years dans une version acoustique, pour la BO de Californication Saison 6.
Le track listing complet :

01. STEVE JONES - "Suffragette City" (DAVID BOWIE cover)
02. MARILYN MANSON - "Personal Jesus" (DEPECHE MODE cover)
03. THE BLIND PETS - "Fever"
04. JOHNNY THUNDERS - "You Can't Put Your Arms Round a Memory"
05. LISSIE - "Nothing Else Matters" (METALLICA cover)
06. RYAN ADAMS - "Wasted Years" (IRON MAIDEN cover)
07. WARREN ZEVON - "For My Next Trick, I'll Need a Volunteer"
08. TIM MINCHIN - "So Long" (As We Are Together)
09. HI HO SILVER OH ft. Leslie Stevens - "Time To Move On" (TOM PETTY cover)
10. JOE WALSH - "Funk 50"
11. THE LITTER - "Action Woman"
12. MARK LANEGAN - "Strange Religion"
13. THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES - "What's Your Story"
14. BETH HART - "My California"

La reprise en écoute:
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Date d'inscription : 20/05/2012
Localisation : saint céré

MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Ven 1 Fév - 18:19

noter que le batteur de Voodoo Six est également le neveu de Steve
Ils devraient organiser des mini-festivals itinérants avec tout
les membres de leurs familles, ça irait plus vite.

Une lueur
d'espoir ? Dave Mustaine vient d'annoncer que Megadeth allait faire
quelques dates avec Maiden cet été en Espagne, Italie et France. Y
aura-t-il une deuxième première partie à Bercy ? Est-ce que Megadeth va
ouvrir pour Maiden lors d'une troisième date française en province ? Ou
est-ce qu'ils vont s'ajouter à l'affiche du Sonisphère français ?

J'ai hâte d'en savoir plus !
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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Ven 1 Fév - 18:20

Pour le Carnaval de Rio qui aura lieu mi fevrier, un Eddie de 5m
défilera dans le Sanbodrome, c'est à dire l'avenue où dansent et
défilent les meilleures écoles de Samba et autres...
Pour faire honneur au Rock In Rio, c'est Eddie qui les representera
En tous cas, ils travaillent dur pour qu'il soit pret pour l'occasion, quelques photos :

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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Ven 1 Fév - 18:20

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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Ven 1 Fév - 18:22

nicko MC Brain

24.01 à Anaheim (CA), une soirée Tribute John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) a
eu lieu, avec la présence de nombreuses stars, dont Nicko...

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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Jeu 21 Mar - 17:22

IRON MAIDEN Premier 'Wasted Years' Video From Upcoming Maiden England '88 Release

EMI recently announced the highly anticipated release of IRON MAIDEN's
Double Disc DVD Maiden England ‘88, on March 25th. A new preview clip,
for the track 'Wasted Years', can now be seen at this location (restricted to certain territories).

Now available for the very first time on DVD, this live show was
filmed across two sold-out nights at Birmingham N.E.C Arena, UK in
November 1988 during the band’s Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son World Tour.
Disc one contains the concert which has been specially upgraded and
extended from the existing 1989 longform VHS release and now includes
three previously unreleased encores: 'Running Free', 'Run To The Hills'
and 'Sanctuary' thereby completing the full concert with a total running
time of 110 minutes.

Maiden’s own Film Producer and Director Andy Matthews went back to
the 1988 edit and painstakingly remastered each shot digitally; colour
correcting and grading to give the image the best possible look from
that time. As well as the VHS stereo sound track by Martin Birch, the
band’s producer between 1981 and 1993, the DVD also includes a brand new
5.1 audio surround mix by Maiden’s current producer Kevin Shirley. The
concert was meticulously directed and edited by bass player and founder
member Steve Harris, so as to capture the performance from a fans-eye
view of the stage, focusing fully on the music, the elaborate stage
production and the lighting. Add into the mix an electrifying set list
and of course Eddie, and Maiden England now offers a snapshot of a
bygone era in which the band, as they continue to do today, devote their
all in delivering the ultimate live experience for their fans.

Disc two is an extensive bonus disc featuring an exclusive
documentary charting Part 3 in the History of Iron Maiden. This
40-minute film comprises recent interviews with the five band members
and manager, Rod Smallwood. Picking up the story in the aftermath of the
‘84/85 World Slavery tour, this interesting and insightful documentary
sees the band speak candidly about their memories of an exciting and
occasionally turbulent period from which would emerge the albums
Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. As the eighties
began to draw to a close, so did another chapter in Maiden’s compelling

Other special extras on the bonus disc include Twelve Wasted Years.
First released as a longform VHS in 1987 and available for the first
time on DVD, this documentary runs for 90 minutes and includes archive
interviews and dynamic live footage from the band’s beginnings in the
now legendary Ruskin Arms pub, via London’s Marquee club and three World
Tours. Five promo videos for the singles from the aforementioned albums
are also featured and have been carefully restored and improved upon
from the original films using the very latest software with the audio
remastered in digital stereo.

Manager Rod Smallwood comments “We've been busy upgrading this
concert footage for a long time, with our in-house Film Producer and
Director Andy Matthews working tirelessly to weave his magic yet again!.
The 1989 VHS video has been largely unavailable for many years and we
know how eagerly our fans have been awaiting the new version so we
wanted to give it the best possible treatment. The current Maiden
England World Tour which continues later this year revisits much of the
set list and production from the initial 1989 VHS release so it will be
interesting to compare just how much has changed in terms of our 2013
live show production, especially with all the advances in modern
technology and the improvements we've been able to make to the set.”

The Maiden England ‘88
concert soundtrack will also be made
available on 2CD album, Limited Edition double vinyl picture disc and
Digital Download formats. The audio had previously only ever been
available before on CD as part of EMI’s 1994 Sound And Vision Series
packaged alongside the VHS, but with two tracks fewer than the video
contained. Can I Play With Madness and Hallowed Be Thy Name were not
featured as there was no space on the 1CD disc. Now with the three
encores also included the double disc offers a total of five tracks
previously unavailable on CD making this the first full and complete
audio recording release of this historic tour.

Check out the Maiden England '88 trailer below:

Iron Maiden - Maiden England '88 Trailer

Maiden England Disc One:


'The Evil That Men Do'

'The Prisoner'

'Still Life'

'Die with Your Boots On'

'Infinite Dreams'


'Can I Play with Madness'

'Heaven Can Wait'

'Wasted Years'

'The Clairvoyant'

'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son'

'The Number of the Beast'

'Hallowed Be Thy Name'

'Iron Maiden'

'Run To The Hills'*

'Running Free'*


* Previously unreleased

Disc Two: The History Of Iron Maiden Part 3:

The History Of Iron Maiden - Part 3

12 Wasted Years

'Wasted Years'
Promo Video

'Stranger In A Strange Land' Promo Video

'Can I Play With Madness' Promo Video

'The Evil That Men Do' Promo Video

'The Clairvoyant' Promo Video

Iron Maiden have uploaded an exclusive Maiden England '88 playlist
to Spotify, featuring the following tracks recorded live at Birmingham
NEC on November 27th and 28th, 1988:


'Infinite Dreams'

'Can I Play With Madness'

'The Clairvoyant'

'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son'

Check it out at this location.
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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Jeu 11 Avr - 16:43

IRON MAIDEN To Return To Latin America On Maiden England 2013 Tour
With Shows In Argentina, Paraguay And Chile; SLAYER, GHOST To Support

IRON MAIDEN will be returning to Argentina this summer to make their
first-ever appearance at the legendary River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires
on September 27th. They will also be making a first-ever visit to
Paraguay on September 29th to play the Jockey Club, Asuncion.

On October 2nd, Iron Maiden will return to headline the Estadio
Nacional, Santiago in Chile, where the Bluray/DVD of En Vivo was filmed
in 2011. Very special guests at all shows will be Big 4 thrash masters
SLAYER, with support also from Swedish heavy rock phenomenon, GHOST.

Tickets for Argentina and Chile go onsale April 18th at 10 AM. Tickets for Paraguay go onsale May 2nd at 10 AM.

As previously reported, Iron Maiden will make a brief return to the
US this September, playing seven specially selected shows en-route to
Latin America where they will once again headline at the legendary Rock
In Rio Festival, Brazil, on September 22, their show there having
recently sold out to 70,000 fans in just a couple of hours.

These will begin with a first-ever visit to Raleigh, NC, for the
opening show on September 3rd at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion
followed by taking Metal back to country music capital Nashville, TN
where Maiden haven’t played in over twenty years, at the Bridgestone
Arena on September 5th. There will also be shows in Kansas City, MO,
Sprint Center on September 7th, St Louis, MO, Verizon Wireless on
September 8th and the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV on
September 12th, all of which Maiden last visited way back in 2000 on the
Brave New World Tour. Plus a return to Austin, TX for a show at the 360
Amphitheater on September 10th, the first time the band have played in
that city since the original Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Tour
twenty-five years ago!

Very special guests on all these dates will be MEGADETH.

Before they finally head south towards Brazil, Maiden will also
headline a very special event at the San Manuel Amphitheater, San
Bernardino, CA. The Battle Of San Bernardino will take place on Friday,
September 13th. Anthrax, Testament, Overkill and Sabaton will join tour
special guests Megadeth for this performance only, making for a big,
loud and exciting day out for Metal fans in Southern California.

Tickets for the Las Vegas and San Bernardino shows go on sale April
12. Tickets for Raleigh, Nashville, St Louis and Austin go on sale April
13. Tickets for Kansas City go on sale May 17.

For more details visit

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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Lun 8 Juil - 21:41

IRON MAIDEN – Under German Skies: Live In Oberhausen

By Mark Gromen

Ah, the universality of IRON MAIDEN: an American, working for a Canadian owned company, covering an English band, in Germany (with Swedes opening), small world after all! It's also an all ages affair these days. In some instances three generations of fans in the same family, attending together, in a all shapes and sizes: mutton chops, ponytails, goatees, Old World mustaches and mullets that would embarrass Joe Dirt... and that's just the women (I kid, I kid). MAIDEN fans are metal fans, as opposed to someone like METALLICA or OZZY, which cater to a more mainstream musical crowd. Those fans often don't consider the music “metal” and many are not a fan of the genre at all. While Eddie grimaced menacingly from their t-shirts, there were also plenty of obscure bands, even local affiliations, represented in the crowd. Must be a big deal as there were numerous helicopter fly-overs, a blimp and hot air balloon.

Today's venue was not a venue at all, but rather the parking lot of Centro, Germany's largest mall, behind the Konig Pilsner Arena. Quartered off exclusively for this one-off performance (sold out at legally announced 26,500 paid), the weather cooperated with brilliant sunshine, temperatures hovering around 30 degrees C (near 80 F), which saw the fair skinned diving for any shade they could find: behind lighting trusses, speaker towers, beer tent awnings, even dumpsters. The stiff breeze was a win-win, as the black shirt brigade (many still unfamiliar with the idea of deodorant) began to sweat, it blew the stink away.

After the 'Doctor Doctor' (UFO) intro, the twin jumbo-trons on either side of the stage began a short video, depicting the melting polar ice cap, crumbling icebergs and the like, until the men of MAIDEN took the stage, in a flash of pyrotechnics. The setlist (apart from something really special) is a foregone conclusion on this tour. No matter, it's about delivery. With the beginning 'Moonchild' and throughout the show, the presence of SABATON, a kinetic live act, preceding Steve Harris' crew, has given MAIDEN (no spring chickens themselves) a swift kick in the butt, even the usually reserved guitar tandem of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith were more energetic. Bruce Dickinson, in coattails, sports a noticeable hint of gray in his hair, began the night on the upper tier of the horseshoe shaped stage, but was soon leaping downstairs, to get closer to the adoring throng. 'Can I Play With Madness' saw the always expressive guitarist Yanick Gers kicking his leg up onto the side-fill, as cones of sparklers shot up, behind the band.

The intro speech to 'The Prisoner' (lifted from the English television program) is so well known at this point, that Dickinson stood stage front, mockingly mouthing the words, as clips from the TV show played onscreen. Throughout, the singer utilized the mic stand as a prop, much moreso than I remember. He and Harris have always carried the bulk of the visuals, the two dynamos zipping across the stage, leaping over monitors and in Harris' case, using his bass to take 'aim' and machine-gun the crowd. During the initial trio of songs, when photographers were in the pit, each guitarist, at one juncture or another, played their instrument vertically. '2 Minutes To Midnight' was followed by 'Afraid To Shoot Strangers', during which Gers toyed with Smith's tuning knobs.

Then it was a glorious, uninterrupted run through the early hits, beginning with 'The Trooper'. As with each song, the backdrop changed, often sporting single or album artwork, with the ubiquitous Eddie mascot, in one form or the other. The first of many wardrobe changes, there was Dickinson on the second deck, in white trimmed red military outfit, waving an oversize Union Jack. Old b&w cavalry movie clips played simultaneously. The ominous voiceover to 'Number Of The Beast' was amplified by twenty thousand voices, Adrian Smith and Steve Harris side-by-side to kick off that familiar riff. The backdrop now an extreme close-up of Eddie's eyes, Bruce was now dressed in black t-shirt, as plumes of fire sprung from all corners of the second floor.

During the lengthy instrumental start to 'Phantom Of The Opera', Gers and Harris were headbanging madly. The bassist and Smith providing back-up vocals. It was 9:30pm on the clock and the sun was just beginning to dip below the treeline. “Scream for me Oberhausen' became Dickinson's rallying cry this evening, as the stage was virtually engulfed in flames, even more pyro! For one of the rare times, there was a band point-of-view camera, from the stage, shooting into the impressive gathering. Behind the band, cones of sparklers (Hey, I did miss July 4th back in the States) were launched during 'Run To The Hills'. No dopey Indian/Native American footage (as originally utilized in the video) this time out, although a giant Eddie, in General Custer cavalry uniform, did make an appearance. Drummer Nicko McBrain was lit in a green hue for part of 'Wasted Years' as Harris galloped the width of the stage and back, as Dickinson flopped up and down the multiple levels.

10pm and it was still light enough to play a round of golf, or through the baseball around, without any fear of getting hurt (Fear of the dark? No, that was coming later). With the backdrop now featuring a illuminated, pink eyed Eddie, looking like a Planet Of The Apes outtake, it was 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son'. Bruce adopted a greased DANZIG devil lock, donning a waistcoat/cloak/cape. The lengthy track allowed many to queue for the portable toilets, or more likely, get another beer. A thick layer of fog enveloped the stage during the subtler section, but enlivened once more, onstage fireworks pop overhead. Harris solo bass plucks out the start to 'The Clairvoyant', eventually joined by the rest of the band, the singer now in a sleeveless number (of the beast). More pogoing in the crowd. Funny how those old-timers who mocked the SABATON doing so, earlier in the day, were now jumping for joy.

With a crash of McBrain's cymbal, it's off to 'Fear Of The Dark'. Murray's arms outstretched overhead, as the crowd sings the titular chorus. A rejuvenated Dickinson tears around the upper ring, where he spends the majority of the song. The signature tune, 'Iron Maiden' signals the end of the proper set. After a short break, the crowd yelling for more, despite knowing things were far from over, the booming voice of Winston Churchill portents 'Aces High'. Now watching from outside the fenced grounds, to get a headstart over the eventual mass exodus, it became evident there were a couple hundred onlookers (some fans, over just curiosity seekers) who could watch/hear the show, free of charge, and more importantly, drink their own booze. Never thought 'The Evil That Men Do' belongs in the encore, but there it was, before an exaggerated 'Running Free' provided the final opportunity for an audience sing-along.

Maiden England, Appreciated Worldwide!

More photos from Oberhausen can be seen here.
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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   Dim 29 Déc - 20:07

IRON MAIDEN - Entertainment Forecast Company Musicmetric Crushes Claims Of Band Using BitTorrent Data To Plan Tours

In a recent article issued by, it was reported that IRON MAIDEN "has taken a more positive approach to online pirates. Instead of hunting them down for lawsuits, the band is using file-sharing data to plan their tour locations."

Musicmetric was cited as source material for the piece, and they have since issued the following statement regarding CiteWorld's original article:

"We never stated or implied that Iron Maiden had used our analytics to plan its tours.

On November 29th, The Guardian correctly published Musicmetric data showing the band's BitTorrent and social engagement after the band was named one of the UK's fastest growing companies a London Stock Exchange report. They were far older than many newer names in the report and we wanted to see why Maiden were in there. The data provided an interesting insight, showing just how many fans they'd added through intense touring across emerging markets and highlighting via BitTorrent data precisely where they were popular.

This is precisely how Musicmetric's analytics are used by artist managers and labels: to see where their artists are popular and what drives that popularity.

However, the CiteWorld story is sadly not substantiated. It is a follow-up of a Guardian piece and it misrepresents our position by stating that the success was down to use of analytics, which we simply never said nor implied.

Musicmetric never said Iron Maiden had used its data to plan a tour — we simply said where the band was popular and stated that BitTorrent data generally, could be useful to see precisely where an act is popular."

CiteWorld has corrected their original article and "deeply regrets this error."
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MessageSujet: Re: IRON MAIDEN   

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